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Where music, business, marketing, and technology all come together.

A passion for music + love of business = destined to work in the music business.

I’ve always had the bug for music starting from when my dad used to take me to see orchestras before I can even remember and was apparently mezmorized by them. Throughout school years and part of college, I was in the chorus. When there wasn’t one in the private high school I was going to, I pushed for one, and eventually became the first chorus president.

For almost two decades after that, I’ve had the great experience of working for many small business owners in positions that require one to “wear many hats”. Remarkably, my first professional job was working for a Korean business-woman, Jin-Hyun Ahn, wife of the infamous Korean singer, Cho-Yong Pil, who gave me a taste not only for business in its truest form, but also for the music business. My career moved more in the direction of business management, until 2004, when it hit me, why not combine the two? The next year, I enrolled in Omega Recording Studios School’s Music Business program and formed D Management (later becoming Real Rock Entertainment). In 2006, I was approached by someone trying to start up a new recording label. Although the label never took off, I was able to meet artists that I wound up working with.

What I gained from my work experience is a bigger perspective of just what it takes to start and run a small business. What I have done is take my passion for music and my business background to help artists, dj’s, and many others with the business side.

I have:

  • over 5 years working with indie rock bands and a startup label;
  • a Certificate in Music Business;
  • a BS in Business Administration;
  • a Certificate in Paralegal Studies;
  • over 15 years combined experience working in Legal, HR, Project Management, IT, graphic design, and small business management

To learn more about what I have done:

View my resume.

To learn more about what I am about:

Visit the site for one of my projects, Real Rock Entertainment.


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